Friday, August 17, 2012

Suppressed Movements

When we first talked with our daughter's pediatric neurologist, he said that the stereotypies will stay with her forever, but get 'smaller' over time. She is 9 now, and she has been subconsciously reining them in for the past two years or so. This is a very short clip of her with hands clenched and squeezing, instead of flapping. You can also see the leg jump, and if you can see her face, she is scrunching her mouth up. Apologies for cutting her head off, she will stop if she catches me taking video. Additional apologies for the stuffed cat photo bombing the view!



  1. Hi there. I took my daughter to the pediatrician a few months back after self diagnosing her with stereotypies. The pediatrician confirmed this and said he was confident she would stop by age 3. Im a little upset with him right now because the information I have gathered is quite the opposite. She turns 3 in oct and has shown no sign of slowing. I sent a request to ur fb group. Id love to share a video of her and hear other parents on the subject.

    1. Please send me a email I can tell you more

  2. I am so happy I came across your blog. My daughter has been displaying this behaviors since before the age of 1. My husband and I have always noticed it and wondered why she did it. It wasn't until recently that her first grade teacher at school seems to be very bothered by her hand flapping and is suggesting that I take her to a doctor and not so subtly suggesting autism. Which I know she is not. I have read the John Hopkins study and it fits my little girl almost too perfectly. I am looking for any support from other parents out there. It is such an awesome feeling to know that she is not the only child that does this.

    1. My son is very similar to your daughter. He started at around 9 months and is now in 2nd grade. Last year and this year his school keeps calling about it and are very concerned about it. His grades are good and we know he doesn't have any other issues but they won't let it go. We just found the John Hopkins sight and are so grateful to finally find some answers and that we are not alone.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you so much for creating this page. I'm a worried mummy. I have a 7 month old who twirls her hands when she nervous, excited and upset . I first noticed it at around 5 months. Having had a son previous I can't remember him doing this. I spoke to my health visitor who looked at me strangely and replied it was part of her question is Did you feel something wasn't right that early on? Do all baby's go trough a faze of this? Did your daughter do the big O while doing the twirling?

    I'm so worried that I can't sleep, I've booked her into Doctors but its not for another week. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. My son started his stereotypies just after his 2nd birthday... I was absolutely terrified... some nights the episodes would last a few minutes.. other nights, it would go on for 4-6 hours. There came a point when he was about 3 1/2, I looked at my little boy eho had develooed dark circles under his eyes from pure exhaustion and just cried and cried.... he was finally diagnosed last October with Motor Stereotypy. Today, at almost 5, He is such an intellegent, funny , active, loving, outgoing, crazy little boy... I am so happy to say that those sleepless nights are behind us. He sleeps through til morning. His movements are still there when he gets overtired... or when we go to Chuck E cheese'. Lol. But overall, he is doing great. I am convinced that this condition will not control his life.
    Thankyou for this site... & thank you to those who share their stories.

  5. My boy is 9yrs old and we first noticed him doing what we called his funny buisness at about 3mts old. He still does it now and school have suggested a behavioral therapist , we are on a wait list . He was diagnosed with habitual stereotypes when he was about 2yrs old .Having done alot of reach search myself and seen video footage of Complex Motor Stereotypy it is exactly what my boy looks like fingers and toes moving and mouth opening.He mostly does it in the car , boredom can be a trigger aswell as excitement and when he is tired.He is trying to supress it at school , I have encouraged this as I'm sure he is missing chunks of his learning during these episodes. He can do it happily at home , he says it takes him to his happy place and usually lasts a few seconds. I am so pleased he is not alone will let you know how it goes with the behavioral therepy.

  6. I'm 58and still have it email me I happy to share

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