Thursday, August 9, 2012

ATTENTION Health Care Providers

Hello again-

I'm posting this video in the hope that some of physicians, medical students, and other health care providers who frequent this website might have suggestions. This video was posted to our motor stereotypy Facebook group yesterday.  Matt recently developed this tremor, and has already been hospitalized with no diagnosis on discharge. He is awaiting appointments with neurologists at IU, but the family is hoping that perhaps someone will recognize the symptoms and be able to provide some insight. A breakdown of the diagnostic procedures already performed and the results are included in the video.

Video has been particularly helpful in getting diagnoses for those with stereotypies, so hopefully this is another successful use of technology that can help Matt and his family get some answers. A Facebook group was created to keep those interested up to date on his progress.

All the best-



  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have just watched the video of Matt with severe tremors. My son is 35, he has an undiagnosed XLink genetic disorder. He hadn't experienced the tremors until 2 years ago, it caused him to shake in the legs & very unsteady walking causing him to stagger. His condition increased & I took him to his Neurologist after several tests he was prescribed Diamox (acetazolamide) Scott's condition improved, within 10 days the tremors stopped, his fine motor skills also improved, that was 2 years ago, still going well. Cheers Colleen

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