Friday, September 18, 2009

Email from Parents

This family contacted me from Vancouver BC and provided a link that might be of interest.  Enjoy!


Dear Amanda,

Thank you so much for your blog and You Tube link. My 5 year old daughter does almost exactly what your girl does in the video. We actually found her movements quite endearing and she has done them since she was 3 months old. She does it maybe a dozen times a day when she is excited, or very pleased with herself, or very intrigued by something.

It was only because she is starting Kindergarten that I was concerned other children might make unkind remarks to her and so I started Googling "involuntary hand movements". To my utter surprise I found the term "motor stereotypies"  and that some children are medically treated for this.

My daughter did wonderfully in preschool and is very bright and social too and in dance, swimming etc. no problems developmentally.
I will discuss it with my GP and Naturopathic doctor just to be reassured.

Her teacher also shared a website with me for a centre whose treatment philosophy is to not use drugs and there are practitioners throughout the states.   The Handle Institute:

Thank you again, It is wonderful to not be alone. C


  1. Dear Other Parents,
    My name is Ali and my daughter now almost 7 years old has done most of the same things that all of the other kids listed above and on the videos have done. I tried to wait it out and like many of the other stories she has done the movements as far back as I can remember. In kindergarten I was asked for a conference and was shocked and devastated when it was suggested that she was austistic and I should take her to a neurologist for treatment. I saw my pediatrician who said that the school was crazy she was not austistic(thank heaven) but to find out what was behind the movements a neurologist appointment was suggested when I was ready. I waited a while trying to help her be more aware of her hand movements in hope it would decrease them so that like many other parents she would not be picked on in school. So finally at the beginning of first grade I took her crying(I mean me) the whole time, having no idea what I was going to hear. The doctor examined her, talked with her and myself and plain as day said she has motor stereotypy. I said excuse me what did you say and what does that mean? He said its just a repetitive movement that is like O.C.D. Wow, what a relief she is not austistic but what do I do about this stereotypy? He said nothing, unless it begins to bother her or you, you do nothing. If it does bother you or her, you would then see a psychologist to help her correct the behavior. I'm sorry to ramble but somethimes I just feel so alone and just am very happy to know that there are others out there who have been where I am and understand the fear and anxiety for a condition that no one seems to know much about. Just thought maybe my story could help someone else who may feel the same way. Reading the other stories and seeing videos made me feel so much less alone so I wanted to thank all of you who have shared your stories, just so you know they do help make a difference. Thank you, Ali

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